a recent time when you went to a party
(Pakistan – March 2024)

Part 2 (Cue Card)

Describe a recent time when you went to a party. You should say
– when this happened
– where it happened
– why it was (or wasn’t) enjoyable
and explain whether you will attend such parties in the future.

Model Answer:

Just last month, I had the pleasure of attending a close friend’s birthday celebration, which took place at a quaint, yet elegant café nestled in the heart of Tehran. The ambiance of the venue was utterly enchanting, adorned with delicate fairy lights and soft, melodious background music that set the perfect mood for the evening.

What made this gathering exceptionally enjoyable was not just the setting, but the company. It was a convergence of like-minded individuals, a mix of artists, academics, and professionals, all engaging in stimulating conversations that ranged from the profound to the whimsically trivial. The eclectic mix of topics, alongside the delectable array of culinary delights, made the time fly by in what seemed like mere moments.

Moreover, the event was punctuated with heartfelt speeches and an impromptu musical performance by one of the guests, which added a unique charm to the celebration. These elements combined to create a truly memorable experience, showcasing the beauty of genuine connection and the joy of celebration.

Given the warmth, camaraderie, and intellectual stimulation that characterized this party, I am unequivocally inclined to attend similar gatherings in the future. They not only offer a respite from the daily grind but also enrich one’s social and cultural life, fostering connections that are both meaningful and enduring.

High-band vocabulary

  1. Quaint – (adjective) charmingly old-fashioned.
    Example: “We stayed in a quaint little cottage during our vacation in the countryside.”
  2. Elegant – (adjective) graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.
    Example: “She wore an elegant dress to the gala, turning heads as she entered the room.”
  3. Ambiance – (noun) the character and atmosphere of a place.
    Example: “The restaurant’s warm ambiance made it the perfect spot for our anniversary dinner.”
  4. Enchanting – (adjective) delightfully charming or attractive.
    Example: “The enchanting garden was filled with colorful flowers and singing birds.”
  5. Melodious – (adjective) pleasant-sounding; musical.
    Example: “Her melodious voice captivated everyone at the concert.”
  6. Convergence – (noun) the act of converging; coming together.
    Example: “The conference facilitated the convergence of experts from various fields to discuss climate change.”
  7. Like-minded – (adjective) having similar tastes or opinions.
    Example: “I enjoy book clubs where I can meet like-minded individuals who share my passion for literature.”
  8. Stimulating conversations – (phrase) discussions that are exciting and engaging.
    Example: “Our dinner was filled with stimulating conversations about art, politics, and science.”
  9. Eclectic mix – (phrase) a diverse and varied combination.
    Example: “The festival offered an eclectic mix of music, ranging from jazz to electronic.”
  10. Delectable array – (phrase) a delicious and wide selection.
    Example: “The buffet featured a delectable array of international dishes.”
  11. Punctuated with – (phrase) highlighted or emphasized by.
    Example: “The mayor’s speech was punctuated with promises of reform and progress.”
  12. Impromptu – (adjective) done without being planned, organized, or rehearsed.
    Example: “He gave an impromptu performance on the piano that amazed the audience.”
  13. Heartfelt speeches – (phrase) sincere and deeply felt spoken expressions.
    Example: “The ceremony included heartfelt speeches from both the bride and groom.”
  14. Uniquely charm – (phrase) to attract or please in a special and distinctive way.
    Example: “Her ability to tell stories with uniquely charm made her a beloved teacher.”
  15. Genuine connection – (phrase) a true and sincere relationship.
    Example: “Traveling often leads to making genuine connections with people from different cultures.”
  16. Enrich one’s social and cultural life – (phrase) to enhance the quality and depth of one’s interactions and understanding of different cultures.
    Example: “Learning new languages has helped to enrich my social and cultural life immensely.”

Part 3 (Discussion)

– What is the importance of communication skills?
– Should communication skills be included as a subject at primary level of education?
– In what way would communication skills help the students?
– Why must teachers be good at communication skills?
– Which communication skills are important for teachers to have?
– Should teachers get training for effective communication skills?

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