IELTS Essay Question:

In many countries, people are now living longer than ever before. Some people say an ageing population creates problems for governments. Other people think there are benefits if society has more elderly people.
To what extent do the advantages of having an ageing population outweigh the disadvantages?

Model Essay:

The phenomenon of an ageing population is increasingly prevalent across the globe, presenting both challenges and opportunities for societies and governments alike. As healthcare advances and quality of life improves, the number of elderly individuals rises, sparking a debate on the implications of this demographic shift. While some argue that an ageing population poses significant problems, including increased healthcare costs and pension pressures, others see the benefits of a more elderly populace, such as wisdom accumulation and the potential for intergenerational learning.

On one hand, the challenges of an ageing population cannot be underestimated. Governments face the daunting task of providing for the healthcare needs of older citizens, which often require more resources and specialized care. Additionally, as more people retire, the strain on pension systems increases, potentially leading to financial instability. This scenario necessitates significant policy planning and resource allocation to ensure that the needs of the elderly are met without compromising the economic vitality of a country. For instance, Japan, with its high proportion of elderly citizens, has had to innovate in terms of healthcare delivery and pension reform to manage these challenges.

Conversely, the advantages of an ageing population offer a different perspective. Elderly individuals contribute to society through their knowledge, experience, and wisdom. They can play crucial roles in mentoring younger generations, providing valuable life lessons and guidance. Moreover, older people often participate in volunteer work, contributing to community cohesion and social capital. The presence of a larger number of elderly people can also stimulate sectors such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and leisure industries, driving economic diversification.

In conclusion, while the ageing population presents significant challenges for governments in terms of healthcare and financial support, the benefits provided by older individuals in terms of experience, wisdom, and economic contribution cannot be overlooked. It is essential for policies to not only address the challenges but also harness the potential advantages of an ageing society. By doing so, the advantages can indeed outweigh the disadvantages, leading to a more inclusive, supportive, and diverse society.

Words, phrases, and collocations from the essay which can contribute to a high score in IELTS writing

Here’s a list of words, phrases, and collocations from the essay that could contribute to a high score in IELTS due to their sophistication, accuracy, and range:

  1. Phenomenon of an ageing population – A formal way to describe the trend of increasing elderly demographics.
  2. Demographic shift – A precise term for changes in population dynamics.
  3. Healthcare advances – A collocation that refers to improvements in medical science and patient care.
  4. Quality of life – A common phrase used to discuss the standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced by an individual or group.
  5. Daunting task – An expression to describe a very difficult challenge.
  6. Specialized care – A term that refers to healthcare services designed to meet specific needs of patients.
  7. Strain on pension systems – A phrase indicating pressure or stress on financial support systems for retirees.
  8. Financial instability – A term used to describe economic uncertainty or vulnerability.
  9. Policy planning and resource allocation – A collocation emphasizing the strategic distribution of resources and development of guidelines.
  10. Innovate in terms of healthcare delivery – A phrase used to describe the creation of new methods or ideas in providing medical services.
  11. Mentoring younger generations – A collocation that refers to the act of advising or training people from younger age groups.
  12. Community cohesion – A term that denotes the bond or unity among members of a community.
  13. Social capital – A concept referring to the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively.
  14. Stimulate sectors – A phrase used to describe the action of encouraging growth or activity in certain areas of the economy.
  15. Economic diversification – A strategy aimed at expanding the range of economic activities.
  16. Inclusive, supportive, and diverse society – A phrase that describes a community that is welcoming to all, provides help where needed, and values diversity.
  17. Harness the potential advantages – A sophisticated way to say making the most of the positive aspects.

These items reflect a high level of English proficiency, incorporating advanced vocabulary, precise collocations, and sophisticated expressions that are well-suited for a high-scoring IELTS essay.

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